Would you like to lead a meeting as strategically as Beth Harmon plays chess?

Beth Harmon skillfully shows us that chess can be ‘almost sexy’. Mind you, those clothes, with that haircut, and Beth’s unique looks sure helped. Men and women alike adored her. Imagine if these strategies were emulated when you lead a meeting.

Is it even possible that ‘leading a meeting’ can be ‘almost sexy’ too? Well, yes it is, because I’ve witnessed it, and it’s mesmerising. It left me thinking…. “How did he do that?”

It’s not just the physical attributes we see in a person, it’s…

We often shy away from difficult conversations because we don’t know how to phrase them in such a way that it generates a win/win result. But if you don’t address the elephant in the room, the situation could escalate to the point where there is no chance of repairing the situation or relationship.

Persuasive speaking skills can be learned. One of the most effective techniques to use is to tell a story. Here’s an example:-

John Tonkin was the Premier of Western Australia many years ago. Prior to entering politics, he was a school headmaster. He told me a story…

Even Santa needs an elevator pitch to get booked — Pixabay image
Even Santa needs an elevator pitch to get booked

A jolly “ho ho ho” won’t cut the mustard if you want to get the gig to ring the bell as Santa. You’ve got to impress the shopping centre bosses with more Santa sass than that. Santas only work around 4 weeks of the year so their pitch has to sparkle straight away.

Would your pitch sleigh them in the aisles?

“You won’t be able to wipe the smile off your face when a long line of kids swarm to see Santa. They’ll be beside them Elves enjoying the spirit of Christmas in YOUR shopping centre.

Denise and David Price at Rostrum Speaker of the Year Gala Event 2020

The audience with smiles so wide you’d think it was Christmas

It was earlier than that, at our Gala Event of ‘speaking fitness’

The Lavan team — Tegan, Tristan and Lara — did a great job of organising the event

Also the last formal occasion for Lauren, our very pregnant President

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . …

Denise Price harnessing the energy of Freddie Mercury in Rostrum’s Public Speaking competition 2021

Mama. Just killed a man

Put a gun against his head

Pulled my trigger now he’s dead

Bohemian Rhapsody — Queen — 1975

It was a song like no other.

It was a song with a different sound.

And it was a song where the language of the music and message mattered.

It had 6 sections….

An introduction, ballad, guitar riff, operatic section, hard rock and a conclusion. It had no chorus, which was unusual back then.

It was 5 minutes and 55 seconds long. Also unusual back then.

“It’s too long!” they said. …

Persuade by asking questions and creating curiosity

You can’t be vague if you want to persuade

Try the questioning technique, go on, be brave

Grab the audience’s attention using this technique

Eyebrows will be raised when they see it's unique.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Ask 3 relevant questions so their ears burn

Pique their curiosity with matters of concern

Ask ‘did you know?’ questions using statistics


Psychics — who do we believe?

I believe there are 2 types of people in this world.

The first believe psychics have a real and powerful ability, and the second are those that don’t.

Well actually, there’s more to this intriguing mystery of psychic ability, as I put myself in a third category altogether. Sometimes I believe what psychics say, and other times, I don’t.

About 30 years ago I went to see a psychic.

She told me I was going to have problems with my muffler, and it would happen soon. I thought that was a bit weird, it certainly wasn’t the psychic advice I…

Landscape watercolour artist, trees, hill, Western Australia native bush
Watercolour Artist Sue Hibbert

Metaphors make your words sizzle and sing. They give instant clarity as brains are more wired to images than just words. They’re the quickest route to the brain. They’re visual, they get attention, they’re memorable, evocative and achieve instant understanding.

It’s a way of communicating. A shortcut to instant understanding, used for persuasion, something is compared to something else, usually comparing the unknown with something known.

You can have great ideas, but without a metaphor or an analogy, it’s like driving a beautiful Porsche without petrol, you won’t get very far.

If you need to explain the relevance of what…

ALL DAY my husband listened to the official certification process of the US 2020 presidential election results and he was captivated.

I know. Weird, right? For me, yes. For him, no. He loves the process. Every tiny detail.

And that’s a good thing when you’re a meetings advisor and chairperson. After working with committees and organisations for over 30 years on their meetings, he has seen the consequences of not being precise. He is often called in afterwards to ‘get the house in order’.

The fallout from an incorrect meeting procedure may not be apparent at the time. Cleaning up…

Denise Price

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